Hello Universe!

I’ve been told by several intuitive and psychic individuals that I need to write.  About what, they don’t actually tell me this part clearly (go figure), but here I go.

My ego tells me that I need to be organized and tell a “story” and be in some kind of chronological order, but honestly, I don’t have a specific story to tell.  I don’t have fond memories of my childhood that I can expand on in great detail to give you a well thought out and historical perspective of me.  It’s not that I don’t want to write something like this, I just don’t have the clear memories to pull something like this off.  Perhaps as some point when I’ve written enough, the parts will all reveal themselves and a “story” will appear.

So for now, I just write.  Some of it will be current and some will be from previous stuff I’ve written.  Some of it is profound, some is just ramblings of a confused individual (I’ll be sure to tell you which is which ;).

Now on to something completely different (well for me anyway).

Dwight Raatz

2 Replies to “Hello Universe!”

  1. I love this and I think it takes a tremendous amount of courage to share with others.

    Here's a suggestion for a story. Tell us about the first time you found yourself stepping from anxiety/fear to a feeling of peace. Or if not the first time, then one time. I'd love to feel the contrast of agony and ecstasy. Only if this speaks to you, of course.

  2. Rebecca:

    Thanks for the feedback!

    I have an upcoming post that is lengthy called, "A slow moving storm". This story was written back in February of 2008 when I was struggling quite a bit with my perception of religion and how it was confusing. There is a segment in here that I speak about one particular moment of stepping into peace. The interesting thing about it was that I wasn't trying. I think this is important to remember that peace isn't taken from somewhere or created, it comes from another place disconnected from our egos. Peace is not earned, but given when we stop trying.

    Stay tuned Rebecca and keep the comments coming.


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