I knew, I experienced, I learned

silhouette of a man during sunset

It seemed that I was all there was, but I knew there was something else, something more
From the beginning of my knowing, I could sense two rhythms, separate but linked
One rhythm was close, inside of me, the other was something More
I felt complete, I felt love, I felt the More was all around me
The More was everywhere, I knew I was part of It, Loved by It
I knew something felt different, something defining me from the More
I experienced something close, not inside of me, but close
The experience was familiar, new and satisfying
I learned my experience was me, I knew it was good, I knew I was expanding
I experienced, I expanded, I knew it was good
The More expanded with me
I learned part of me was connected to the More
A flow of love and life came from the More
I expanded from this love, the More expanded with me
I experienced pressure all around me
I knew the More was stressed and I experienced the anguish
I knew the stress was necessary, purposeful.
I experienced exponential expansion
I experienced overwhelming joy from the More
I learned I had a body
I learned I had eyes and ears
I learned that I was now separate from the More, but forever linked
I learned the More is really, someone called Mom

– Dwight J. Raatz 06/20/2022 | Dedicated to my mother, Alice Marie Raatz