Scary Not Scary – In Between Realities

What happens in our dreams? A painting by Franz Schrotzberg: “Sweet dreams dreaming of snow white and the seven dwarves”. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

It had been months since I started connecting with the other side of the veil.  I had experienced some powerful training on how realities are constructed and that we did indeed share space with other realms.  We are but one of 12 races that exist here on Earth.  Some of the others being Atlantean, Fairy, Dwarf and Elfin to name a few.  These beings are much older races than Humans and have made an agreement not to interfere in our evolution, but that does not mean they don’t interact at all.  To connect with any of these races takes time and patience.  You must express your desire to connect with them verbally and it’s very important that you honor and respect them.  They do not see the world as we do and adhere very strictly to their own traditions and ways.  To dishonor them would bring upon much misfortune in your life. While they may not directly harm you, they can make life very challenging.

As part of my training and practice to connect with other races, I had to focus my efforts on two or three at the most.  I decided to connect with the Dwarf  and Fairy races as these were ones that excited me most.  One particular part of my training taught us that the best times to connect was early morning or late at night when where are not fully awake, but also not asleep.  In parallel with our reality and that of the other races, there is a veil that separates us that we cannot see beyond with our conscious mind.  However, we can take advantage of these “in between times” to connect.  To be in this slightly unconscious state allows us to unlock a part of the world beyond our conscious mind.

Every night before going to sleep, I would give thanks about my connection to the Universe and the All that is.  I gave thanks for the abundance in my life and for many opportunities to grow mentally and spiritually.  I practiced being subtly aware of my level of connection as I drifted toward the unconscious world I stepped into each night.  I remember one evening in early summer I had decided to go to bed early after doing some outside work and was really exhausted.  I showered and took special care to energetically and mentally project my desires for connection with whichever race that wanted to make contact.  After crawling into bed, I clearly declared that I would only accept positive experiences that came to me for my highest good.

I was lying on my left side drifting closer and closer to my dream world. I could feel my body becoming heavier and heavier.  All the tension was releasing, and I was washed over by peace and contentment.  As I usually do before sleeping, I decided to roll onto my right side which I find to be the most comfortable. When I moved, I could feel as if there were some small individual points of pressure on the side of my right leg.  Whatever was “standing” on my leg lost its balance and I could feel several of them fall onto the bed. My conscious mind decided to stay calm in the “in between” place and observe my leg and the surrounding blankets.  I didn’t not see a thing, but I immediately got the sense that what I had experienced was having some small beings (likely dwarves) standing together on my leg observing me.  It must have caught them off guard when I rolled over which I found slightly amusing to say the least. I thanked them for visiting me and within a few seconds, I fell into a deep sleep.

Early the next morning, I came slowly out of my dream state.  I had learned from practice to keep my eyes closed and to stay relaxed in order to take advantage of any possible connections I could make. As I lay there, I could feel the warm rays of the sun streaming through the window onto my body. Within a few seconds I had the sense that I was not alone in my room.  I decided to open my eyes slightly, but I could see nothing in the room, so I closed them again and remained very still.  Then I heard it.  It was a throaty breath similar to a horse clearing its snout, but with a much deeper resonance.  Part of me tensed, but I caught ahold of that fear and set it aside.  I knew that I had commanded only safe experiences, so I continued to lay perfectly still.  Then just as if on cue, I could feel the left corner of the foot of my bed start to sink as if being pushed down to the floor.  Following that was a similar sensation on the right side.  I had the sense that whatever it was, it was climbing on the bed with me!  Just as you would expect any four-legged creature, the subsequent pressure and movement on my bed was clearly something that had four legs and was very, very large.  

The creature continued to step onto the bed and on both sides of me as it moved directly toward the head of the bed.  Then, strangely enough, the being moved right over my head and behind me!  If having this experience wasn’t weird enough, what’s even stranger was that there was a wall behind my head!  After it had moved completely over and behind me, I could feel it turn around and sit down with a great heavy breath directly behind my head on whatever was there.  I held very still and just listened and drifted in my semi-conscious state. And then, I fell into another deep sleep!  I awoke some time later feeling very refreshed and excited about my experiences with dwarfs and unexpectedly by a dragon.  These creatures had heard my desire and joined me in the midst of the veil and outside of my known reality.

You may not realize this but there is much more to the world around us than what our 5 senses can perceive.  You may not realize that you share this world with many other races.  You may not realize that what you think is a person walking down the street may not even be a human at all. Consider spending some of your own time in the midst of the veil and be sure you do it with respect and curiosity.  You may just get visited in unexpected ways.

Dwight J. Raatz
Originally written: October 2019

My Perception – My Reality, The Observer and the Observed

I had a dream last night where I was car racing a friend.  We challenged each other to be the first one to make it to a particular destination.  After taking off, we became separated for some reason and lost sight of each other.  The dream gave me sight, as The Observer, to see both my friend and myself as we raced trying to make it to the end.  The Observer me saw my friend make it to the destination first and there he waited.  The Racer me was trying very hard to navigate through all the obstacles of the course to make it to the destination, but I was not making very good time.  Meanwhile my friend became worried that either something happened to me, or that he misunderstood where the final destination point was supposed to be.  So he took off in his car back toward the beginning of the race.  As he was driving over a highway over-pass, he saw my car drive under on my way to the destination point.  He then realized that I would get there and since he was not there, I would assume I was the winner.  It would be his word against mine as to who was there first.  There was no actual proof either way other than what The Observer knew to be the truth.

I awoke from this dream thinking that this is a lot like the reality that we each produce each moment of every day.  We each have a perception of what the truth of life is from our perspective.  In the dream contest, the Racer me thought that I was the winner, my friend thought he was.  But were either of our perspectives wrong or untruthful?  No, I don’t think they are.

I think it’s important to realize the concept of individual reality perception when working with others.  It’s important to not take their observations personally, but rather try to understand their perspective first.  As it has been said, “Seek first to understand before trying to be understood” – or something along those lines.  Each of us has our own truth for life and respecting this in others is an important step toward peace.

When it comes to a person’s state-of-mind, whether it be joy, love, anger, anxiety, depression, bliss, etc; it is their reality for the moment.  It’s important to understand that the person may not be able to see outside of this state of being.  It’s also important for you (the person that is in this state) to know that you are the only one who can keep you in this state, or change it completely.  Nothing or no one can make this happen for you AND it’s is only YOUR TRUTH – not the Truth of the Divine.

Another aspect of this dream is The Observer.  To me the Ultimate Observer is Divine – the one who knows the all and complete truth of each action in the Universe.  The Ultimate Observer knows your true Higher Self , your purpose and will always be there to help.  Just ask, then listen!

Dwight Raatz