The Seeker and the Agnostic

A friend forwarded me the article “InPraise of Agnostics” which is talking about a recent talk given by Pope Benedict XVI on the 25th anniversary of the Day of Prayer for Peace.  I found this article not only giving me hope when it comes to the establishment of religion, but it also is more proof that as we all Awaken from the veil more truth will come. This, to me, is more proof of the Awakening.

Yes, I believe the role of the Seeker is very important.  I would put myself in that category with one slight change, I know there is God and the Divine, but I personally don’t need to have a “church” to feel his presence in my life.  This is right for me, but may not be for you or someone else.  The important part is continually seeking and communing with God.  I say continually because as we grow and become more enlightened and aware, our relationship with the Divine changes.  This has been proven to me over and over.  My relationship or knowing of God is different now than when I was a child.  For me, this is why “church” doesn’t work because I felt that the dogma kept me stuck in one place with Her.

Find God in the way that resonates with you.  Share your Knowing of Him from the heart with Love and that is right and perfect.  We come together to share our Knowing and Love for Her and each other because we are One in the Divine and it’s in the experience of that Love which is what we seek.  The Divine wants to Know Itself in all Its Splendor through our experience of Him


Who Are You Really?

Throughout my spiritual journey as a seeker of truth and enlightenment, I have often been told that I am not showing my true self to the world. I’ve been told that I am hiding “Who I Really Am” because of my fears of letting out this truth. While I do not argue with this assessment, my challenge and struggle has been to know who I really am so I can let “him” out. I understand that I have many fears in life, but what am I afraid of letting out? It seems to me that the first step in solving any problem is to understand the problem to its fullest extent. I need to know who I am before I can understand my fears of “letting him out”. Then I will have something to hold onto, a direction to go in, a goal to achieve.

As I consider this challenge of discovery I have come across a few tidbits of truth and consistencies. I have found that the answers to my questions have revealed themselves in the quiet moments in life. The quiet moments are those moments when time seems to stand still for you. You “accidentally” intersect with the exact combination of events that lead you to a moment of perfection. You know what I’m talking about. You might think that its never happened, but I know it has for you too. For example: you are busy walking from your car to a client meeting and it just so happens that it’s a beautiful warm and calm summer day. As you are walking you just happen to hear a bird singing joyfully on a tree branch hear by. You stop for a moment and look up at the bird, you feel peaceful, you feel the warm sun on your face, the thoughts of your meeting are on pause for a moment, you feel connected to yourself and the earth around you. In that moment of perfection you are just “being”, even if it was for only a few seconds. It’s important that after those moments of perfection, you store that feeling of peace inside your heart. It’s like recharging your battery.

As I consider these moments of perfection I have had throughout my life, I know that these have been the sneak previews of who I really am. The times when thoughts and story just seem to run out of my fingers through the pen onto paper or keyboard and screen. The times when I am speaking to a friend about life and from out of nowhere these words come to mind that are just perfect for them at that moment. Or, even the times when I hold my grandson in my arms and know the unconditional love I have for him and he has for me. These moments of perfection show me the peace that is possible in my life.

As I wrote in my previous posting (Noticing), I am becoming more aware of the “bold print” of my life. I am noticing more and more moments of perfection and learning who I really am. I am Compassion – I am a Divine Messenger – I am a Teacher – I am a Healer – I am Love. I look at these aspects of myself and wonder how I can Be this at all times. How can I share this Being with the world and have it understand me? How can I Be these things and still function “normally” in today’s world? This is my next hurdle.

So, Who Are You… Really?

Dwight Raatz